Dear Passionate,

I introduce you to ham-hub: the new social network dedicated to radio amateurs, radio communication lovers and professionals in the sector.

The platform was born as a place of meeting and interaction, it allows you to give space to ideas and emotions, share thoughts, projects, multimedia files, enrich your bulletin board at will with posts and various types of content.

The social area will allow you to follow other users, send friend requests, exchange reactions and messages, release comments and create groups where you can invite your friends to join.

An area dedicated to “discussion forums” will also be available shortly, where you can share topics and exchange experiences, tips and various types of material such as wiring diagrams, solutions, projects, etc.

The platform represents a great meeting opportunity for users, visibility for workshops and sector shops that will be able to give further space to their proposals for all fans, always interested in improving their wonderful “corner” of fun.

All this is absolutely free and in an experimental form.

Thanks to your precious contribution, we will constantly improve the platform, making it more and more performing and adhering to the needs of us enthusiasts. (2)

You are therefore invited to access the page, select the Wordwide web site to create your account and popularize with us this extraordinary community. (1)

Looking forward to welcoming you, we offer you a warm 73.


NB: ham-hub is not responsible for any of the users’ activities. Each user is aware and responsible for all activities of his account, for sharing multimedia content and for publishing personal data.

The community is based on mutual respect and constructive interaction in compliance with the rules and laws. No offensive behavior or behavior deemed unsuitable for the nature of the site is permitted.


(1) During registration you will be asked for a username (which can be your radio amateur abbreviation or a username you use on the radio). When entering the call sign station names, avoid inserting punctuation symbols and signs (e.g. IZ8ABC instead of IZ8-ABC), so as to simplify indexing in the database and facilitate the search.

(2) For suggestions / changes / reports:



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Frequently asked questions and answers

Trying to make this project known I was able to discover that users do not trust to enter their data and register .. so I thought of writing this little information in order to have your trust and desire to join the project.

Why can’t I log in before registering?
Because otherwise anyone would read what happens inside it, so to see the pages you need to provide access data, verify your email and wait for an administrator to activate the account.

What is
The project aims to become a specific community for fans of the radio amateurs world: ham radio social network.
The project is ambitious, today it is still at the beginning of its path but over time I would like to be able to build all the functions that are necessary to make it complete.
The project is completely managed by the creator, there are no robots behind this work.

Who is the creator of
Hello, my name is Carlo, I am passionate about electronics and transceivers since I was 12 years old. I always had a radio station and over the years I have changed many apparatuses learning and growing with this passion. Some years ago I obtained a license amateur radio and some years later also the authorization for aeronautical frequencies, with the patent of the air traffic control operator and aeronautic radio operator. My job is graphic designer and I’m passionate about nature and photography.
My CallSign is IZ8SNW, my page on QRZ is:

What will not happen on
You will never receive advertising or payment requests for any site service!
Your data will not be shared with third parties.
The data you enter will only be used by the system to manage the accounts.
Be aware that what you publish can be read by all members of the community!

Well, I hope this information is enough for now.
Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to help grow this project!
Thanks everyone for your time.

All the material you visualize was produced by me in my home, with my computer in my spare time.

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